Wheels, Heels & Pedals
Mission Statement:To educate residents and visitors about Nantucket's transportation choices with the purpose of reducing traffic congestion.

Preliminary Goal:
(from the Nantucket Comprehensive Community Plan):
To encourage the creation of, and aggressively market, an efficient and coordinated system of largely non-automobile-dependent transportation modes, from point-of-departure to point-of-arrival for the purpose of reducing the numbers of automobiles both on-island and at mainland ports.

Encourage the provision of transportation that is an alternative to the automobile by seeking the adjustment and coordination of schedules, routes, and connections and by encouraging joint ticketing in consultation with all providers of alternative modes of transportation to and from the island. These would include, but not be limited to, airlines, buses, trains/light rail, transit authorities, the Steamship Authority, private passenger boat carriers and taxis.

Encourage the development of a multimedia marketing strategy in cooperation with other regions and public and private carriers to promote seamless travel that relies on alternatives to the automobile.

Beginning in the Summer of 2003, various Nantucket agencies and associations have been actively involved in an ad hoc Transportation Marketing Group, now known as Wheels, Heels, and Pedals. This Group was formed as an outgrowth of the recommendations of a 5-year Plan, endorsed by the Board of Selectmen, to reduce auto-dependency and traffic congestion on the Island by expanding NRTA Shuttle services, completing and improving our system of bike paths and sidewalks, and by aggressively marketing the use of these alternatives to the automobile to all who contribute to traffic congestion on the Island. The Group has been carefully selected to include all entities whose joint efforts are essential if this unprecedented marketing strategy is to be effective.

A mission to better educate both visitors and residents of transportation choices that reduce traffic congestion has been established, and a tool that will assist in accomplishing this mission is the development of a Wheel, Heels, Pedals website. This website will serve as an Internet hub of transportation information for getting to and around Nantucket, with linkages to transportation providers and transportation facilities, as well as serve a source of travel information to be utilized and linked to participating area merchant and business websites.

Everyone knows the aggravation and frustration of driving around Nantucket in the summer time, particularly to downtown and the mid-island area. Sitting in traffic at intersections and circling Federal, Broad, and South Water Streets looking for a parking spot is certainly no fun. You too can play a role in helping to reduce traffic congestion and reduce the number of automobile vehicle trips you and your family take. Incorporate using the Shuttle, walking, or biking into your daily routine – commuting, eating out, etc...